Month: December 2019

Chinese sports writer mocks Sonny Bill Williams for criticizing treatment of Uyghur Muslims

A Chinese sports journalist claims that rugby star Sonny Bill Williams has been brainwashed to criticize the treatment of Muslims by the communist superpower. Williams, a 34-year-old Muslim convert, angered Yang Hua, an opinion writer for sports website QQ – two days after he criticized nations for putting trade before Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province. […]

Pisa study results are not representative of China, say Chinese education experts, East Asia News & Top Stories

BEIJING – China’s global performance in a recently released international education study has led to nationalistic punches from state media, but Chinese education experts say the results should be viewed with caution . They attribute the country’s jump to first place in the latest study by the Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa) to a […]

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