Month: June 2021

Western Chinese food is authentic – and doesn’t whitewash our culture

This first-person article is the experience of Kathryn Mannie, a third generation Chinese Canadian from Vancouver. For more information on CBC’s first-person stories, please visit the FAQ. “Sik jor fahn mei ah? Have you already eaten?” This common Cantonese greeting indicates how much Chinese culture associates food and well-being. My gung gung (maternal grandfather) fiercely […]

How to improve the Chinese education system?

71. How to improve the Chinese education system Julian Edit 1.mp3 00:00 Editor’s Note: This 100-episode podcast explains how China actually works. Exploring Xi Jinping’s thinking and how the Chinese president’s approach shaped China’s governance, the podcast decodes the country’s growth story to help you truly understand its success and challenges. Our will to modernize […]

Chinese education company GSX to shut down preschool business and cut 30% of staff amid heightened regulatory pressure

Chinese online education platform GSX Techedu is closing its preschool education unit and cutting jobs as Beijing steps up a campaign against the country’s burgeoning out-of-school tutoring sector, multiple media reported. Bloomberg company spokeswoman Sandy Qin quoted as confirming that GSX’s decision to shut down its preschool education business for children ages 3 to 8 […]

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