Author: Virgil E. Maynard

China’s new import rules cause headaches for food and drink manufacturers, Retail News, ET Retail

Makers of Irish whiskey, Belgian chocolate and European coffee brands are scrambling to comply with new Chinese food and drink regulations, with many fearing their products could enter the giant market as the market approaches. deadline of January 1st. Chinese customs authorities issued new food safety rules in April that stipulated that all overseas food […]

Import growth signals accelerating expansion of China’s economy

China’s industrial and supply chains will help withstand growing downward pressure and maintain the upward momentum of exports over the coming months, according to experts, who said robust import growth indicated. signs of accelerated expansion of the Chinese economy. Imports increased about 22% year-on-year (YoY) to reach 15.81 trillion yuan between January and November. In […]

Key meeting aims to stabilize China’s economy next year with proactive policies amid ‘triple push’

The file photo shows a view of the Lujiazui area of ​​Shanghai.Photo:Xinhua Key Chinese policymakers on Friday emphasized economic “stability” to address a variety of challenges for the next year, ranging from shrinking demand and supply to downward pressure on the economic outlook, at a key meeting that sets the main political priorities for 2022, […]

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