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Gail G. Collins

Diners voted Golden Dragon as the best Chinese restaurant, so you can trust the reviews: “This is what Chinese food is supposed to look like;” “Pure taste, comfortable environment; And the capper, “generous as much as delicious”, of a mother of seven boys who dined there and who will be back.

Raves are constant for sweet and sour and egg soups, so you know where to start when ordering. But other top-selling appetizers include crab puffs, which CEO Kinson Li says are “crunchy, full of candy and cream cheese,” in a bustling size. stuffy.

Three partners share the ownership of Golden Dragon: Jimmy Liang, Randy Lee and Winnie Cheng. Liang is from Toisan in the Guangdong region, while Chef Sun Chung is Cantonese with extensive cooking experience.

As Li says of the recipes, “They each have their own unique ways and focus on fresh foods made with quality ingredients to keep things right. The heart of it all is customer feedback, so we’re working for that ‘wow factor’.

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The goal of Golden Dragon is a modern interpretation of classic dishes. Some popular examples include General Tso Chicken, Honey Nut Shrimp with Large Shrimp, or Li’s personal favorite, Tilapia Fish Fillet in Hot Pepper Oil. For a bright and colorful dish bursting with fresh veggies, order the Happy Family, which is also high in protein with shrimp, minced beef, and chicken.

The kitchen is open plan with a long marble bar for grabbing a quick meal or watching the chefs in action. The wooden box in warm and golden hues features joyful statues of Buddha. The smiling images of good luck with generous bellies are studded with coins that regularly help in the education of children.

Golden Dragon won the Best of Flag category for best Chinese cuisine.

Rachel Gibbons, Arizona Daily Sun

After 10 years the local clientele is strong, but also understands the high turnover of hotel guests looking for reliable quality and delivery.

Golden Dragon has won this award several times over the years and continues to look for ways to improve the restaurant.

Responding to the happy news, Li said, “We warmly thank our customers, who visited us and voted us Best of Flagstaff.”

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