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Scottish Euro 2020 fans feast on Chinese food for biting matches as takeaway choices revealed

Saturday night’s Euro 2020 game between England and Denmark entered the top 10 most-watched UK shows of all time. Millions of people watched the international tournament and enjoyed a takeout to the big event. And the nation’s favorite take-out for watching the euros have been revealed by health and wellness experts Eden’s Gate. Pizza in […]

Western Chinese food is authentic – and doesn’t whitewash our culture

This first-person article is the experience of Kathryn Mannie, a third generation Chinese Canadian from Vancouver. For more information on CBC’s first-person stories, please visit the FAQ. “Sik jor fahn mei ah? Have you already eaten?” This common Cantonese greeting indicates how much Chinese culture associates food and well-being. My gung gung (maternal grandfather) fiercely […]

Eric Quizon brings favorite Chinese food to Dolphy’s grave on Father’s Day – Manila bulletin

Eric Quizon (Instagram) Actor-director Eric Quizon brought the most delicious food to his dad, Comedy King Dolphy, on Father’s Day. On Instagram on June 20, Eric said he brought his father’s favorite Chinese food to his grave at Heritage Park in Taguig City. Dolphy, 83, died on July 10, 2012. Almost nine years after his […]

Chifa Du Kang Restaurant Offers Peruvian Chinese Cuisine In Miami Florida

Chinese / Peruvian restaurant Chifa Du Kang chefs / owners Jingquan Du and his wife Juana Du stand behind an assortment of dishes on their menu at their restaurant in Miami, Fla. On Monday, May 17, 2021. Daniel A. Varela Chifa Du Kang, located on Bird Road in Westchester, bets on authentic Chinese dishes […]

Thai-Chinese Food Fair at Radisson Blu Dhaka

Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden is hosting a Thai-Chinese Food Fair from June 1-30 with daily buffets. Guests can enjoy authentic Asian-themed decor mixed with the hotel’s iconic octagon-shaped lobby. A sacred pagoda, a Chinese Shaolin temple, a bamboo village gate, a floating market boat, royal elephants, dragon heads and demons will resemble an aura […]

For decades, Chinese cuisine has been underestimated on the world stage. it’s finally changing

In 1997, restaurateur Danny Yip returned to Hong Kong from Australia. Having worked in the food and beverage industry since the 1980s, he vowed he would never open another restaurant again. “It was extremely exhausting,” he recalls in an interview with CNN Travel. Instead, upon returning to his hometown, he founded a successful internet business. […]

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