Chinese education giant New Oriental denies decision to train parents

On Thursday, a rumor that New Oriental had started offering parent training went viral on the Chinese internet. Company staff responded to the China Securities Journal reporter, saying the rumor was a misunderstanding.

Family education is what the company has always focused on. In 2008, a family education and guidance center was created and each secondary school also has a family education service. More specific information about the school’s educational offerings can be found in its official announcement.

As part of the “double reduction” policy, tutoring schools are busy finding new avenues for their services. As the leader of the tutoring industry in China, every movement of New Oriental attracts attention.

According to Yicai Media and other reports, New Oriental has launched several quality education growth centers in Beijing, Hangzhou and other cities, including the “Quality Parents Wisdom Hall,” which provides parents with multidimensional knowledge. , including family education, parenting methods, -business management, time allocation, effective learning and other topics to help parents improve their own parenting methods.

This news aroused skepticism among Internet users. “Train the parents, then the children participate in the lessons?” “” It’s too difficult for the parents. We have had training in the past. Now we have finally grown up and have a baby. Why is it still up to us to be trained? “Is it necessary to train parents to help their children with their homework? “

After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, quality education for primary and secondary schools and vocational education for adults have become targets of transformation in the eyes of many educational institutions.

On July 28, Yuanfudao launched a new brand of science education called “Pumpkin Science” for children ages 3 to 8.

On August 11, TAL’s official WeChat account reposted an article from China Daily, claiming that its company First Leap, a quality children’s education brand owned by TAL, announced that it had undergone a full upgrade and will launch soon. five quality education products, namely theater, aesthetic education, intellectual education, speaking and reading in the all new Leap Space.

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In recent years, the call to “educate parents” has grown louder and louder. On June 30, a document from the Zhejiang Province Ministry of Education stated that some places in Zhejiang have learned from the “Star Parental License” taken by the Shangcheng District in Hangzhou, and have effectively researched the issuance of licenses to parents. Some relevant provincial ministries are also making inroads in this area. As of the fall semester of 2021, Zhejiang Province plans to roll out a pilot parent credit system in its digital parent school, and later this system will be implemented across the province.

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