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Diya Rajbhandari and her husband Suman Pradhan lived in Frederick for eight years, during which time they opened Delhi-6 Indian Cuisine in Buckeystown Pike. After moving to Bethesda and opening another restaurant two years ago, the couple are now back in Frederick County and have opened a new take-out restaurant in Walkersville: Indian Wok.

Rajbhandari said the idea behind Indian Wok was to provide affordable take-out service for families and using fresh ingredients. In order to ensure lower prices, the owners reduced their overheads by renting a small place in Walkersville and keeping their menu focused.

In addition to classic Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala and samosas, Indian Wok also offers Indo-Chinese cuisine, which Rajbhandari says combines Indian dishes with Chinese flavors.

“We have appetizers like sesame cauliflower, sesame chicken, which I think our guests find very unique and different,” Rajbhandari said.

The restaurant also offers a Nepalese dish called momo – a dumpling-style offering – as well as a variety of fried rice and noodle dishes.

Rajbhandari said another popular option is the Indian Wok Family Special, which offers a vegetarian dish, a meat dish, five spring rolls, two boxes of rice and two plain naans for $ 20.99.

“I think [customers] I really think it’s a good deal with a good price and food so we sold this special family deal really a lot, ”Rajbhandari said.

While Pradhan is the chef, he still works in Bethesda most of the time, leaving Chef William Costa in charge of the kitchen. Costa has worked with the couple for years, including when they owned Delhi 6.

Indian Wok opened in October and has since developed a loyal following, the owners said.

Rajbhandari and Pradhan want everyone to enjoy the Indian Wok, even during an expressly difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic. They hope that customers can feel secure in a take out and delivery only environment.

“This is how we look at the situation with COVID… it’s difficult for everyone,” Rajbhandari said. “That’s why we have all these family deals, so that we can feed everyone at a good price, with good food. This is our main concept. “

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Correction: In an earlier version of this story, the cut line in the photo incorrectly indicated that restaurateurs were holding a dish of pork. The restaurant does not serve pork.

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