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Asia News Today | Chinese react to falling stocks, Thai nightlife could reopen

China’s top economic official stepped in to reassure investors, saying Beijing would take steps to support China’s economy and financial markets. The comments follow a sell-off that was partly fueled by the reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Liu He, vice premier and economic adviser to the Communist Party executive, said the government would take […]

China’s January-February export growth slows, Ukraine crisis poses risk

Workers are seen on a crane above containers at the Yangshan deep-water port in Shanghai, China January 13, 2022. REUTERS/Aly Song Join now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register Exports from January to February +16.3%, against +20.9% in December, +15% in a survey Imports from January to February +15.5%, against +19.5% in December, +16.5% […]

Many challenges for the Chinese economy – ShareCafe

If China’s economic targets for 2022 are any guide, the country is eyeing a year of slowing growth, rising inflation and a planned sharp increase in government spending to keep the economy from sliding into stagflation. . The targets, confirmed at the National People’s Congress in Beijing on Saturday, strongly suggest that 2022 will be […]

China’s economy enjoys bright prospects for high-quality development

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 8.1% year-on-year to over 114 trillion yuan (about $18 trillion) in 2021, with two-year average growth of 5.1% , according to a statistical release on China’s national economic and social development. published by the National Bureau of Statics (NBS) on February 28. A worker is busy producing at a […]

Chinese company withdrawn from exploitation of cobalt mine in Congo

A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ruled out the Chinese owner of one of the world’s largest copper and cobalt mines, a major victory for the Congolese government as it seeks to become a more active player. important in the global clean energy revolution. The decision, which removes the mine’s Chinese management […]

The war in Ukraine has investors thinking of a second Cold War

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, investors have enjoyed decades of global economic stability in which military conflict and foreign diplomacy played a lesser role in market movements. But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the clearest sign of a recent shift in this dynamic, as increased jostling between powerful nations will have far-reaching consequences […]

Are high heels falling out of favor among Chinese women?

For centuries after the end of the Middle Ages, high heels were an emblem of power and aristocracy in Europe. Fast forward a few hundred years, the industrial revolution and subsequent social transformations brought high heels into the mainstream. They became fashionable during the golden age in the United States. They then survived the two […]

For Chinese leaders, the Olympics were not the jackpot of 2022

BEIJING — The just-concluded Winter Olympics weren’t the big event of the year in China, at least internally. For the Communist Party, it will take place this fall in a major meeting that will likely cement Xi Jinping’s position as one of the country’s most powerful leaders during his seven decades of communist rule. The […]

For Chinese leaders, the Olympics were not the jackpot of 2022 | Sports

BEIJING (AP) — The just-concluded Winter Olympics weren’t the big event of the year in China — at least internally. For the Communist Party, it will take place this fall in a major meeting that will likely cement Xi Jinping’s position as one of the country’s most powerful leaders during his seven decades of communist […]

Chinese economy: Beijing’s war on the credit boom

Like many small businesses across China, Zheng Weijun’s freight company had struggled to obtain credit from the state-dominated banking system. But in 2018 the 12-lorry business discovered Fincera, a peer-to-peer platform in Hebei province that collected money from retail investors starved of returns and channelled it to borrowers, mainly small trucking and logistics companies. “We […]

Chinese hit the slopes as Eileen Gu fever sets in | Business and Economy News

Beijing, China – On February 8, the day American-born Chinese athlete Eileen Gu won her first Olympic gold medal in Beijing, sales of snowboards that matched Gu’s style skyrocketed. On Alibaba’s Tmall app alone, purchases soared 450% from the previous day. “Everyone was talking about Eileen Gu when they were queuing at the ski site,” […]

Stable performance of foreign trade, investment reflects the strong resilience of the Chinese economy | Kathmandu Grandstand

By Luo Shanshan, People’s Daily China’s foreign trade and investment hit new highs last year, making positive contributions to the continued recovery and development of the national economy. In 2021, China’s total merchandise trade soared to $6.05 trillion from over $4 trillion the previous year, surpassing the $6 trillion mark for the first time. Meanwhile, […]

Bing Dwen Dwen Mania Spreads to Digital World, Chinese Investors ‘Bet Big’ on NFT Exit

Bing Dwen Dwen. Photo: PCP The ongoing Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, one of the biggest sporting events in the world, has become a vivid manifestation of the meteoric rise of China’s digital economy market, digital yuan payments and the broad application of 5G, cloud and artificial technology that is empowering the event, to the long-awaited […]

As Chinese Avoid Parenthood, Companies Suspend Bonuses, Loans and Leave | Business and economy

China needs more children to defuse a demographic time bomb that threatens to derail President Xi Jinping’s ambitions to double China’s economy by 2035. To achieve this goal, Beijing is bringing together local governments and businesses to encourage reluctant women to give birth – offering everything from baby bonuses to discounted mortgages and holiday pay […]

China’s economy guided by a unique system of governance

During the sixth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee, there was a review of the history and major achievements of the CCP over the past century. From 1921 to 2021, the CCP led China to create countless economic miracles and long-term social stability. China’s economic development began to transform in […]

China’s economy guided by a unique system of governance – world

A view of the skyscrapers of Beijing’s CBD district. [Photo by Sheng Peng/For China Daily] During the sixth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee, there was a review of the history and major achievements of the CCP over the past century. From 1921 to 2021, the CCP led China to […]

Chinese economy could grow by 6% in 2022: former vice minister of commerce at annual GT forum

Experts and economists discuss China’s economic outlook for 2022 at the Global Times Annual Forum in Beijing on December 11, 2021. Photo: Li Hao / Global Times The Chinese economy could grow by around 6% in 2022, a year in which the economic calendar is expected to be punctuated with major events, including the Beijing […]

Key meeting aims to stabilize China’s economy next year with proactive policies amid ‘triple squeeze’

The file photo shows a view of the Lujiazui area in Shanghai. Photo: Xinhua China’s top policymakers on Friday stressed economic “stability” to address various challenges for next year, ranging from shrinking demand and supply crunch to downward pressure on the economic outlook, in a key meeting that outlines the main political priorities for 2022, […]

Five perspectives on the direction of the Chinese economy according to the thought of Xi_ 英语 频道 _ 央视 网 (cctv.com)

BEIJING, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) – At a time when the global economic landscape is rapidly changing, President Xi Jinping’s economic thinking offers a glimpse into the future of the world’s second-largest economy. Xi Jinping’s reflection on the socialist economy with Chinese characteristics for a new era, officially unveiled in 2017, is based on Xi’s new […]

Tokyo stocks end lower on a firm yen, worries over Chinese economy

This file photo from May 7, 2020 shows the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (Mainichi) TOKYO (Kyodo) – Tokyo shares closed lower on Wednesday amid the strength of the yen against the US dollar and concerns about China’s economic outlook, as investors expected the plan of the Japanese government distributing money to mitigate the fallout from the […]

View: Can the return to traditional communism help the struggling Chinese economy?

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of labor-intensive goods. It capitalizes on the cheap labor available in countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh and India. But recent changes in economic policies indicate China’s intention to align itself more closely with traditional Marxist economics. China’s rapid economic growth has been fueled by heavy investment and a borrowing […]

The impending fall of Evergrande symbolizes the current plight of the Chinese economy

The Chinese real estate giant, the Evergrande group, informing overnight that there is “no guarantee” that it will be able to meet its debts of 305 billion dollars, starting with a deadline on Monday which could trigger a default, the implications for global financial markets, as well as for the Group’s interests in entertainment, sport […]

Latest data shows China’s economy is recovering

Editor’s Note: Chen Jiahe is the Director of Investments at Novem Arcae Technologies. The article reflects the views of the author, and not necessarily those of CGTN. On October 18, China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced the country’s latest economic data for the third quarter of this year. The latest financial data has shown the […]

White paper hails “historic transformation” of Chinese economy

China’s economic strength has grown dramatically over the past 70 years, with GDP growing from 67.9 billion yuan ($ 10.5 billion) in 1952 to 101.6 trillion yuan in 2020, according to a white paper “China’s epic journey from poverty to prosperity” released Tuesday. The second largest economy in the world, China now represents more than […]

Slowdown in factory production, growth in retail sales puts pressure on Chinese economy

Production at Chinese factories and growth in retail sales slowed sharply and missed expectations in July, as new COVID-19 outbreaks and flooding disrupted business operations, adding to signs that the economic recovery was slipping away. breathless. Industrial production in the world’s second-largest economy grew 6.4% year-on-year in July, data from the National Bureau of Statistics […]

Reviews | Greater certainty in an uncertain world: China’s economy ushers in a promising era

The epidemic and the continuing surge of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have left the global economy in limbo. Faced with the impact of the pandemic during winter and spring, as well as uncertainties in the external environment, 1.4 billion Chinese all worked under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, along with President Xi […]

Chinese economy posts record rebound in first quarter

ANKARA A year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese economy grew at a record 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021, according to official figures released on Friday. Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) from January to March showed that China’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose 18.3 percent on “strong […]

Chinese economy set to grow 8.2% in 2021: UBS economist

GDP photo: VCG China’s GDP growth is expected to reach 8.2% in 2021, with domestic consumption unleashing additional driving force to support growth amid the shrinking COVID-19 pandemic globally following large-scale vaccination, a large investment bank said on Tuesday. The global economy will gradually recover and the Chinese economy is expected to continue to recover, […]

Entrepreneurs from China, Japan and South Korea optimistic about Chinese economy in 2021: survey

A container ship is seen at the Pacific International Container Terminal at Tianjin Port in north China’s Tianjin Municipality, Jan. 11, 2021. (Xinhua / Zhao Zishuo) Most entrepreneurs and top executives in China, Japan and South Korea are optimistic about China’s economic growth this year, according to a survey by the Global Times Research Center, […]

China is recovering quickly ahead of most major economies, IMF says, Auto News, ET Auto

China is recovering quickly ahead of most major economies, but the recovery remains unbalanced and faces significant downside risks. By Lalit K Jha Washington: China is recovering quickly ahead of most major economies, but the recovery is still unbalanced and faces significant downside risks, the IMF said, projecting an 8% growth rate for the world’s […]

Chinese economy plans to “overtake the United States by 2028”

China will overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy by 2028, five years ahead of schedule, according to a report. China is the only major global economy that will have grown in 2020. Photo: 123RF The UK-based Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said China’s “skillful” handling of Covid-19 would boost […]

Chinese economy is recovering thanks to Australian stimulus packages

Canberra has spent billions on stimulus packages this year, but huge sums are going directly to China, helping its economy, not ours. In January, factories and workshops across China went eerily silent as Beijing sent most of its country into what was then the toughest and most widespread lockdown in modern history. A nation that […]

Chinese economy overtakes the United States despite Beijing’s bashing

The irony is striking. While Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been busy bashing Beijing ahead of the presidential election, the Chinese economy has rebounded vigorously. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, China is emerging as the engine of global growth. China is the only major economy expected to post positive growth this year, along with IMF […]

Chinese economy grows 4.9% in third quarter

China’s economy grew 4.9% year-on-year in the third quarter as industrial growth fueled the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The expansion of gross domestic product fell short of expectations, but was well above a 3.2 percent increase in the second quarter and represented a sharp turnaround from a historic decline at the start of […]

Coronavirus seems tamed, Chinese economy begins to recover

BEIJING – China has rekindled its factories after having largely brought the coronavirus epidemic under control within its borders. The question now is who will buy the products produced by these factories. Industrial production jumped in China last month more than twice as fast as most economists expected, official data released Friday by the country’s […]

China’s economy takes record hit from coronavirus

China’s industrial production contracted at the fastest rate on record in the first two months of this year and urban unemployment hit its highest rate on record in February as the coronavirus crippled the world’s second-largest economy. . The official data – among the worst official figures ever reported by China – suggests that President […]

Global Markets Rise Despite Slowest Chinese Growth in 30 Years | Chinese economy

China’s economy stumbled last year to its lowest growth rate in nearly 30 years after a trade war with the United States wreaked havoc on manufacturing output and consumer spending. The world’s second largest economy grew by 6.1% in 2019, compared to 6.8% in 2018, and the lowest rate in 29 years. However, investors cheered […]

Investors cool Chinese education start-up

FT subscribers can Click here to receive Tech Scroll Asia by email. Hello from a gloomy Hong Kong, where the news follows the weather. A reality check on 5G telecommunications, after some excitement last week, is our biggest theme with Huawei and SoftBank looking heavy. Our best scoop comes from the effervescent online education sector […]

China’s economy is stabilizing

Is the Chinese economy recovering from its slowdown at the end of last year? “Yes”, answer Gavyn Davies, Goldman Sachs and many others. During my recent visit to Shanghai and Beijing, a number of economists and private businessmen also expressed growing optimism about China’s economic prospects. Why do they think that and are they probably […]

Why the Chinese economy has stolen and India has just grown

Construction of the new Kangbashi district in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Photographer: Nelson… [+] Ching / Bloomberg 2011 Bloomberg Finance LP The two countries have roughly the same population, similar average unemployment rates, and current GDP growth rates that are among the highest in the world. Yet China’s economy is almost five times the size […]

China’s economy cools, leaving households strained

Disposable income growth slowed in China last year as the cost of living rose, underscoring the growing strains Chinese households face as the economy cools. Beijing is counting on the country’s large consumer base to cushion the general slowdown. But as the outlook darkens, the Chinese are tightening their belts, buying fewer cars, electronics and […]

Cautious consumers are feeling the pinch of China’s slowing economy | China

Few people shop at the Beijing Yintai Centre, an upscale shopping center in the Chinese capital’s central business district. Store workers say foot traffic has been low, even when holiday discounts have been offered. Office workers walk past empty stores like Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier, eating fruit they brought for lunch. Li Xin, […]

Five reasons to worry about the Chinese economy | Chinese economy

It has been a difficult year for China. Premier Li Keqiang’s plan for slower but better-balanced growth has run into difficulties, and Beijing’s struggle to transform its economic model has raised fears that the world’s second-largest economy could be the source of the next. global slowdown. Here are five warning signs that have seasoned China […]

Is the Chinese economy about to fall off a cliff?

The Conference Board, an international economic research organization funded by corporate donations, came out with a new report claiming that China’s economic miracle is over and things are about to get sticky for what is now, by some measures, the world’s second-largest economy. Over the next few years, China is likely to face a period […]

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