The 29 Best Chinese Restaurants in New Jersey, According to Yelp


Hungry Person 1: “What do you want to do for dinner? “

Hungry Person 2: “I don’t know, what do you want?”

Hungry Person 1: “I don’t know, let’s speak Chinese.”

We’ve all been those people. Everyone has a ‘let’s eat Chinese’ every now and then or maybe it’s your family’s tradition to have chow mein and fried rice on Christmas or New Years. But we all also know that there is such many Chinese restaurants in New Jersey, and many look aesthetically similar if not identical. How do you find the real rough diamonds?

Like this: Here are the 29 top-rated Chinese restaurants in New Jersey according to popular reviewer site Yelp, which created the ranking using an algorithm that examines the number of reviews and the number of stars for a given business.

For more stylish joints to your old-fashioned spotlights, here are the best of the best, based on thousands of user reviews.

29. Chinese coffee, Iselin

One customer said, “This must be my new favorite Chinese food restaurant. The food is fresh, made to order and the staff are friendly. The restaurant looked clean. I’m going back tomorrow. “

Fairview Chinese Restaurant, Fairview

One customer said, “I was looking for a good Chinese restaurant and think I found it. Their General Tso tofu is amazing, very crispy and sassy and they give you a huge portion of it. ‘Great lunch specials and great prices. This is definitely my favorite place whenever I crave Chinese food. “

27. Joe’s Peking Duck House, Marlton

One customer said: “I have lived all over Jersey at this point and never thought I would get quality Chinatown food with top class cleanliness and restaurant service in Marlton, NJ. But here is Joe’s. Peking Duck House where magical things with food and service happen. “

26. Tasty Fusion, Lyndhurst

One customer said, “I’ve been told constantly that Chinese food in the Northeast is to die for and it’s absolutely true. Tasty Fusion nailed the friend rice, General Tsos, the crab rangoon and the service. The meal was full of flavor! A fairly unassuming and smaller restaurant in Lyndhurst … these guys did it. “

25. Shangri La, Cherry Hill

One customer said, “They have the best noodles in Singapore and chicken or pork Moo Shu. I always order both of these to take out or eat in. Never disappointed. They also have the best service!”

24. Green Garden, Egg Harbor Township

One customer said, “Wow super Chinese take out. I have to say it beats all the Chinese restaurants around. They also had dinner there and the place looks very clean. I ordered the combination of shrimp and lobster sauce and it was very delicious and good portioning. Will definitely be my place when I’m in the mood for Chinese food! “

23. Classical Asia, Haddon Heights

A customer says, “I love eating here! This is a great small town Chinese restaurant with amazing food, and it’s super fast whether you come to pick it up or have it delivered. … The food tastes authentic and reminds me of Chinatown cuisine more than any Chinese restaurant I’ve eaten in the vicinity. “


22. Good taste, Manchester

One customer said: “It certainly lives up to the reputation. After trying a few local places I went with this one and it didn’t disappoint. I ordered General Tso’s chicken by delivery and it came piping hot with a side of rice and a pork egg roll. The chicken was almost perfect, tender with just the right amount of crunch. “

21. Red Bowl, Waldwick

A customer says, “I love the Red Bowl! I come here at least once a week! I have tried a few dishes now and one is better than the next. Love the seafood curry noodle soup and their spicy crispy beef. beautiful place with the friendliest staff. I haven’t had a bad meal yet. I love it here! “

20. Shanghai Restaurant, Fort Lee

A customer says, “I find this place has the best soup dumpling in town, almost as good as Joe’s Shanghai in town. They also have the loyalty card and if you have about 5 soup dumplings then you get the next free. “

19. Lian’s Kitchen, Garfield

One customer said, “I ordered chicken with garlic sauce, wonton soup and chicken with broccoli. The food was delicious and the delivery was on time as promised. Best thing, you can use Yelp to order food! “

18. Sichuan Cottage, Marlboro

A customer says, “I can’t say enough good things about the Dan Dan noodles here!” I live 30 minutes away and happily make the hour round trip just for these noodles! The spice is super tasty and they have just the right amount of pork in them. Take a take out order when you start craving more the next day. “

17. Shanghai Dumpling House, Edison

A customer says, “Two words: Soup. Dumplings. “What more do you want to know? The menu is modest, as is the space, but everything is done correctly. Look right as you enter and see a skilled artisan making dumpling after dumpling from piles of fresh ingredients. Plan a bit of a wait on a Saturday night, and a big thank you to the restaurant for not wrapping people like sardines. “

16. Noble East, Montclair

A customer says, “This is the best restaurant in this ‘restaurant town”. You won’t be disappointed. The manager is very attentive and makes sure everything is the way you like it. He constantly asks’ everything is fine “. bring all of our friends there and they love it too. Go ahead and see for yourself.”

15. Golden Wok Restaurant, Raritan

One customer said, “Golden Wok is a restaurant that my family has been to for over 15 years to sit down and can be completely confident in the quality of its food and the freshness of its ingredients. You can’t go wrong with their beef noodle soup or any of their noodle soups. Their lunch specials with more traditional Chinese dishes are a steal. For the dishes, the eggplant, bamboo beef (spicy) dish is my favorite. “

14. A&J Bistro, Eastern Hanover

One customer said: “This is one of those restaurants that you crave every now and then because it all screams ‘comfort’. As an Asian American, dining here and eating food has become a mini memory lane trip to East Asia, or even Flushing or Chinatown without the commute. “

13. Ky Lin Chinese Restaurant, Egg Harbor Township

One customer said: “This place serves Chinese like nowhere else in the South Jersey area. Seriously, you can get your usual general chicken, but you can also get Tom Yum soup, pad thai, tofu. sizzling, Malaysian vegetables sautéed in shrimp paste, and Hainanese chicken. Their menu is mind blowing with all the options. “

12. King House Chinese Restaurant, Maple Shade

A customer says, “Very good food! I ordered the chicken in black bean sauce and the beef in garlic sauce. Very satisfied with the portions and the flavor. WOW! We were looking and looking for a delicious joint. to go and we have I definitely found it! Thank you King House! “

11. Hunan East, Turnersville

A customer says, “Unexpected treat of some of the freshest authentic Chinese food you can find. Never disappointed with the prawns and vegetables mixed in a spicy garlic sauce. Everything is fresh and made to order and don’t forget the spicy mustard. “

10. Vegetable paradise, Montclair

One customer said: “One of my favorite places in Montclair. I’m addicted to their fried rice and love this wonton soup. A very tasty vegan Chinese! “

9. Han Dynasty, Cherry Hill

A customer says, “The food is OUTSTANDING. You can choose your level of spiciness and my family and I love hot food and nothing is too hot for us, but it broke the scale. The spices they use are amazing and the food always tastes great. “

8. Hong Kong Garden, Somerset

One customer said: “I have been going there for over 13 years. Family run, great food, great prices. Owner Kim does a great job of making you feel right at home and his staff are very attentive.”

7. Northfield Garden, Northfield

A customer said, “This place is great. The people are friendly and the food is delicious. It is Chinese ‘take out’ food, but they have a great selection and everything is well done and the ingredients are fresh. My favorite place for lunch in the Region. “

6. Shan Shan noodles, Parsippany

One customer says, “This place is so legit. They make the best hand-drawn noodle and soup dumplings. They have a ton of ways you can enjoy your noodles, including specialties. When you sit down, they have a ton of ways you can enjoy your noodles, including specialties. bring you pickled cucumbers, which is a nice touch. “

5. Xina Restaurant, Toms River

One customer said: “We had a great meal here last night! The service was phenomenal and although we didn’t sit at the sushi bar, I would love next time because it’s like an open kitchen and looked a lot of fun to watch. We started with a few starters, a spicy crab salad, a tuna tartare, Peking duck rolls and a sashimi salad. Everything was delicious and the portions are more generous so be careful when ordering. “

4. Vegetable paradise, Denville

One customer said: “This is by far the best Chinese restaurant in New Jersey. The food is delicious, the service is great and the atmosphere is warm. I cannot recommend it highly enough. PS: the spring rolls are a must! “

3. Shanghai Bun, Matawan

One customer said: “I had the veggie balls here once and got them today! I love the authenticity of this restaurant! If you are looking for authentic Chinese, THIS IS THE PLACE! good!”

2. Soup Dumpling Plus, Fort Lee

One customer said: “The best soup dumplings I have had in North Jersey maybe even the New York area. Great price and great quality. Not only is the taste great, but the texture and structure of the soup patty is perfect. Soft to the touch, but very firm. I also highly recommend the scallion pancakes and the beef and broccoli. Very fair portions and high quality too. Everything tasted good taste and was clean. “

1. King Wong Chinese Restaurant, Marlton

One customer said: “I have been coming here for eight years now. I lived in the area but moved to Philly. I always make a point of stopping here whenever I am in the area. Tso’s Chicken and Lo Mein’s Side. “

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