Month: November 2020

Chinese food delivery giant Meituan bets on groceries

[ad_1] Food delivery giant Meituan is expanding its logistics network to bring more groceries to consumers, as the pandemic-induced shift to online shopping pushes major Chinese tech companies to rapidly expand their delivery operations. This fall, Alibaba spent $ 3.6 billion to buy out a leading supermarket operator, while Pinduoduo is raising up to $ […]

Biden risky for Chinese economy, likely to impose sanctions

[ad_1] Beijing [China], November 29 (ANI): As tensions between the United States and China continue to escalate under President Donald Trump’s current administration due to Beijing’s human rights violations and withholding of information vital issues regarding COVID-19, a leading economist has said the new Biden administration may impose sanctions affecting the Chinese economy next year. […]

Chinese educational technology group 17 Education & Technology Group sets terms for $ 288 million US IPO

[ad_1] 17 Education & Technology Group, which provides K-12 online tutoring services in China, announced the terms of its IPO on Friday. The Beijing, China-based company plans to raise $ 288 million by offering 27.4 million ADS in a price range of $ 9.50 to $ 11.50. New investor China Pinnacle Equity Management plans to […]

Immerse yourself in the new wave of Chinese cuisine in Westchester

[ad_1] Photo by Doug Schneider Westchester County restaurants are bringing new take-out variations with savory soup dumplings, Pekingese-style pork chops and Cantonese roast duck. TThere was a time when spring rolls, ribs, wonton soup, chicken chow mein and, of course, fortune cookies defined Chinese cuisine. More often than not, the options were fatty, fatty, too […]

Pichet Ong and Lydia Chang bring Chinese food to their generation

[ad_1] On November 3, as Americans prepared to spend a stressful night watching election results, a number of search terms were trending on Google. Many were what you expected: “Polls Exit”, “Live Election Coverage”, maybe the over-hopeful “who won the election today”. But one of the most frequent searches in the United States was “Chinese […]

Chinese economy is recovering thanks to Australian stimulus packages

[ad_1] Canberra has spent billions on stimulus packages this year, but huge sums are going directly to China, helping its economy, not ours. In January, factories and workshops across China went eerily silent as Beijing sent most of its country into what was then the toughest and most widespread lockdown in modern history. A nation […]

Chinese education technology group 17 Education & Technology files US $ 100 million IPO

[ad_1] 17 Education & Technology Group, which provides K-12 education services in China, filed with the SEC on Friday to raise up to $ 100 million in an initial public offering. 17 Education & Technology’s smart classroom solution delivers data-driven teaching, learning and assessment products to teachers, students and parents in over 70,000 K-12 schools […]

Chinese food at Nature Pagoda in San Gabriel is worth a visit – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

[ad_1] One of the great joys of my life as a food writer has long been driving the mini-malls of the San Gabriel Valley – in deeply Asian communities like Monterey Park, Alhambra, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Arcadia and more – and take a mom-and-pop tour of China’s many cuisines. There are restaurants serving food from […]

Xi sees less than 5% growth rate in new view of China’s economy

[ad_1] (Bloomberg) – President Xi Jinping reports that his long-term view of China’s economy likely requires it to grow at an average rate of less than 5% per year, well below the historic trend of the past 30 years . Xi told the Communist Party Central Committee last week that the economy could double in […]

Chinese economy overtakes the United States despite Beijing’s bashing

[ad_1] The irony is striking. While Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been busy bashing Beijing ahead of the presidential election, the Chinese economy has rebounded vigorously. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, China is emerging as the engine of global growth. China is the only major economy expected to post positive growth this year, along with […]

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