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During shutdown, do U.S. or Chinese food delivery apps have the edge?

[ad_1] As COVID fears keep grocery shoppers at home, Marketplace’s Jennifer Pak in Shanghai and Scott Tong in the Washington, D.C., area sample each country’s e-grocery and restaurant delivery apps. Yes, a tough cross-border assignment. E-grocery assignment: Jennifer’s lobster noodles in Shanghai vs. Scott’s codfish tacos in D.C. (Jennifer Pak/Marketplace, Audrey Tong) As the pandemic […]

Planning to order Chinese food on New Year’s Eve? Here are 10 picks from Newport County.

[ad_1] NEWPORT — People around the world take part in many New Year’s and New Year’s Eve traditions, including a midnight champagne kiss and toast, the singing of “Auld Lang Syne” and the eating of certain foods. In Spain it is popular to eat 12 green grapes on the midnight strike – this is said […]

Review: Lucy’s is the place for Chinese food in Fargo – InForum

[ad_1] FARGO — For more than 100 years, Jews have gathered in Chinese restaurants at Christmas to, well, eat Chinese food. And then, maybe, they would go to the cinema.The tradition dates back to New York at the turn of the last century, when most ethnic groups remained pretty much alone. Italians ate in Italian […]

Evergreen Restaurant offering quick and relaxed Chinese cuisine in downtown Ann Arbor

[ad_1] ANN ARBOR, MI – Evergreen Modern Chinese and Bar is expanding by opening a new location in downtown Ann Arbor in the building that once housed Chow Asian Street Food. Evergreen Downtown, currently scheduled to open in October at 208 West Liberty St., will feature dishes from the company’s flagship restaurant on Plymouth Road, […]

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