Man wanted for murder of Chinese traders shot dead

A man, who was wanted by St Elizabeth Police for the murder of two Chinese shopkeepers in the Bellevue area of ​​the parish last year, was fatally shot by lawmen on Tuesday evening.

Tommy Thompson of Cameron Hill, Maggotty, also in St Elizabeth, was fatally injured after he allegedly attacked police with a machete in the Bloomfield district at around 11.20pm.

Thompson was named the ward’s most wanted man after being exposed in the December 23, 2021 murders of 53-year-old Shiyun Shu and 48-year-old Haikong Wan.

According to reports, gunmen detained Shiyun and Haikong at their business establishment, Jojo’s Supermarket. The couple were shot dead by the assailants during the robbery.

Two brothers, Nigel and Nicolas Walters, both of St Mary’s, have been arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

Thompson, who was still at large, was initially named by police as a person of interest. The designation was later upgraded to Parish’s Most Wanted Man.

In his Cameron Hill neighborhood, tensions had risen as residents feared in the wake of the double murder, community sources said. Loop News.

The tension reached such a level that Thompson’s father’s house was burned down by individuals who believed the wanted man was staying there.

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