New Digital denies sale of local Apple Daily site

Hong Kong’s Next Digital on Tuesday denied media reports that it sold Taiwan’s Apple Daily news website.

The company, which is in liquidation, said in a Hong Kong Stock Exchange filing that it had refuted “certain media reports”.

However, its liquidators said the company had divested its Taiwan business for more than NT$300 million (US$10.09 million), adding that they were investigating the reports and “would take necessary action” if necessary. unauthorized transfer of its activities.

Photo: Wu Yueh-hsiu, Taipei Times

Apple Daily Public Development Ltd, a subsidiary of Next Digital, “owns the business of Taiwan Apple Daily,” the filing said.


The liquidators contradicted a statement published by Apple Daily on its website Wednesday last week, saying its sale and transfer to a new owner had been completed.

Although the statement did not name the new owner, unnamed sources told Chinese-language media that the buyers were Singaporean entrepreneur Joseph Phua (潘杰賢) and Hong Kong businessman Kenny Wee (黃浩).

The potential takeover of Apple Daily has also raised concerns that the company could be used by Chinese authorities to infiltrate the Taiwanese media landscape, prompting Taipei to commit to “strict scrutiny” of any potential sale. .

The print edition of the Hong Kong-based Apple Daily was forced to close last June following the arrest of several newspaper executives and journalists and the freezing of company assets.

In May last year, Next Digital ceased publishing the Taiwanese print edition of the newspaper, but continued to operate as an online news site.

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