World News | New Chinese admissions guidelines target Tibetan education system

Lhasa [Tibet]Jun 1 (ANI): China’s new circular regarding the guidelines for admission of prospective students to universities in Tibet is discriminatory in nature as it targets the Tibetan education system.

The circular outlines how students seeking admission must declare their “political attitude and ideological morality” to enter universities, Tibet Press reported.

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Additionally, he mentions that students should not be involved in religious movements and prefers students who are proficient in Marxist theory.

Beijing began to occupy Tibet, they meticulously put in place policies and methods to dismantle the Tibetan education system which was closely linked to the rich monastic system of education.

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Previously, the main push was to target the primary level of education, preventing Tibetans from attending such monastic institutes, but now their push to the highest level of the education system, the university level highlights the rigors and importance given to the dismantling of Tibetan education. .

The ultimate goal is to deprive Tibetans of their own identity and language, Tibet Press reported.

The late Professor Dawa Norbu mentions in the book “The Road ahead” how he and many other young Tibetans during the early years of Chinese occupation were brought together and reflected on culture, language and history Chinese through the Chinese prism.

Meaning the indoctrination that is happening in Tibet. The CCP was successful to some degree here as more and more Tibetans started learning the push narratives, but it also became a double edged sword as the Tibetans now knew how different they were from the Chinese as well. , reported Tibet Press.

Since the start of the occupation, Beijing has been in propaganda mode, portraying itself as saviors and bringing Tibet back to the homeland (China) through liberation. They tactically considered that this would be the best way not only to occupy the territory of Tibet, but also in terms of culture and to assimilate Tibet into China, Tibet Press reported.

Over time, schools were created with the aim not of educating Tibetans but rather of brainwashing them into adhering to Marxist thought, which later morphed into Mao thought and is currently the thought of Xi Jinping.

They implemented a policy of bilingual education in Tibet and other occupied regions (or minority regions as they call them). This policy enshrined in the Chinese constitution indicates how the language of the minority region would be protected and preserved through such an education policy.

Yet in implementation it was quite the opposite and it was a fair charade to promote and enable deeper penetration of the Chinese language and narrative into these regions, Tibet Press reported.

There was a huge bias in this system of education when it was implemented in Tibet. The textbooks used in the schools themselves were different in Tibet compared to those in China, the latter having child-centered images while the former had images of soldiers and authorities.

Similarly, the allocation of time slots was and continues to be discriminatory with only one time slot for the Tibetan language, and the remaining subjects being thought out in Mandarin (Chinese language).

More than 78 percent of Tibetans have to forcibly pass through this government-run boarding school, where Mandarin, not the Tibetan language, is given priority. This illustrates the state’s strong will to control and manipulate future Tibetans on the move, Tibet Press reported.

On top of that, even Tibetans who complete higher education are looked at and seen differently, creating an apartheid-like environment where Tibetans themselves cannot find jobs and are separated on many levels. (ANI)

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